The Fulfilled Life Program

8 steps to free yourself from
“the stress culture”
and jump into your power.

Be aware what’s the stress culture is, how it destroys you and how to take your power back!

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The Fulfilled Life Program

You’re an ambitious, high-achieving, type-A personality, intelligent and a very passionate person. You can have a tendency to be perfectionistic and you like to be in control, delegating can be very difficult for you. Your days run one after the other and you have countless responsibilities and a very long to do list. However, if we were really honest here, you often feel extremely tired and miss some time for yourself and things you really like doing. Your calendar is simply full and you have no energy. 

The Fulfilled Life Program

You feel less and less comfortable in an environment characterized by very high pressure and ever increasing competitiveness. You are being given conflicting priorities, more and more demands are thrown at you daily. You have a hard time keeping up with imposed deadlines. You can’t cope with the overload of work and you feel very guilty and helpless as a result.

You work-life balance tends to be less and less taken into consideration and as a result, you are experiencing high fatigue.

You struggle with feeling under evaluated and insufficiently recognized for your efforts and time

You are starting to believe that there must obviously be something wrong with you. You feel yourself getting weaker and weaker, whether it be emotionally, mentally and even physically. You fear that this means you’re also easier to manipulate.

You feel pretty alone and you find yourself more and more isolated with your issues. Due to the high competition in your work, you even sense that some might prefer to see you collapse rather than reach out to you to offer help and support. Part of you has already given up. You feel yourself walking down a very hopeless downward spiral…
Sometimes you even convincing yourself ”it is like it is…”

  • You feel insignificant, you often aren’t  informed well and decisions are taken without consultation.
  • So all that make you believe that you are the problem …
  • Often you are the only person responsible to do the job (‘if you leave, no one can do it’ – you feel irreplaceable – in your eyes at least), so you don’t say: ‘enough is enough’ and ask for help. 
  • Even if you speak up –you hear that ‘everyone has a lot of work, it is normal, you are paid to do the job’; so that it does not make any sense to even try 
  • You don’t know if its safe to share your problem with your manager ,  will you be judged or labelled?
  • You are also not focused on things that have a true meaning to you. You might have – a side project, hoping that ONE day you will have more time and energy to do it. But it hasn’t come yet. You’re not giving yourself permission to STOP the nonsense in your life. You may even have health issues and feel burned out.
  • You ask yourself – is this really what I want to do? You feel trapped in a golden cage of a situation that you are in. You don’t really know how to change it. Deep down you FEAR that you’re not living the life you desired for yourself. You aren’t really happy and fulfilled. You also worry that your children and friends don’t really know the true you – with your gifts, talents and your heart wide open.


The Fulfilled Life Program

You need to give yourself permission to put yourself first and put your needs first. Nonsense of not allowing yourself to meet your NEEDS and to live by your values. Allowing your agenda to be full of matters that have a meaning to you.

You don’t want to be laying on a deathbed, like the judge from Leo Tolstoy’s book, “The death of Ivan ILych” and ask: “What if my whole life was a mistake?”.

Permission to stop with the nonsense in your life, fulfill your needs first, because this is when everybody wins, especially your family, as you are more present and happy and not tired, exhausted, angry, sad, lifeless. Burned out!

You need to make time to explore your needs, know your value and have TIME for you. Define what meaningful life means for you and make a plan! Face fears in your life that hold you back and deal with self sabotage. Set boundaries, draw a line to keep your secret light of passion on. Commit to your life from your heart and give it all you got – 100% of you! Commit to yourself like you commit to others. And get a practice that supports you. Make it possible to feel fulfilled and meaningful about your life.

The Fulfilled Life Program

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The Fulfilled Life Program
The Fulfilled Life Program


Before working with Ewa I had been experiencing self doubt…

Ewa’s is a powerful business coach that can quickly help you identify, shift and design the mindset that will serve you. Before working with Ewa I had been experiencing self doubt, lack of clarity and an overall feeling of depleted energy. Working with Ewa gave me concrete tools to self manage my energy and my mindset and implant her teachings to bring my mindset to where it needs to be to fully show up for my clients and my family.”

Thank you!

The Fulfilled Life Program

The Fulfilled Life Program™ is a system which gives you the permission to stop the nonsens and put your needs on to create meaningful life.

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