Feeling under constant pressure?

Confused & having self doubts?

Lack a true appreciation & recognition at work?

How to deal with stress and jump into your power.

Make this first step to change your life and join my free workshop
“How to deal with stress and jump into your power!”

It’s time to not only wish for a better life, but to do something about it!

During this free 2 hour workshop you will learn:

– how to identify the real source of stress in your life

– the truth about the burnout that no one wants to talk about…

– how to deal with stress and avoid burnout.

– the strategy of Dr. Doty, a famous neurosurgeon about how to stay focus and release stress in a long-term

You also won’t feel so isolated and shame with your issues – it’s time to end the war of “I am not good enough

BONUS: each participant will receive a 30min one 2 one coaching session with me!

Next workshop will take place on the

12.04.2018 at 6:00 PM

“The Mug” – 6-8 rue Charles Martel, 1000 Brussels
Price: FREE

Workshop Registration.

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What other say

  • The workshop that Ewa Andrykiewicz-Zmyslona is running is very useful. It empowers the participant to take care of his/her wellbeing and health. It gives tools that allow to spot that the burnout is coming and how to overcome stress.
    The participants can share their experiences with each other, which helps them understand the causes and share best practice how to become more resilient. It would be good to have regular meetings to prevent burnout.’

    Joanna EC

  • Dear Ewa,

    It was a pleasure to participate in one of your workshops. I think it is an excellent and important initiative to raise awareness about burnout and it is early warning signs, especially in the current context when burnout is on the raise. I appreciated the exercises you have showed us as wall as the way to approach and understand our feelings. It was also a good idea to exchange with the participants and listen to their experience.

    Thank you very much!

    Dominika EC

  • I met Ewa met for the first time during a workshop organized on 5 October 2017. At that moment, I was very wrong in point and close to the break, crying whenever I was talking to someone nice. During the seminar, I realized that other people had the same difficulties and that my situation was a crisis that I could take it as an invitation to change.

    I participated in 3 sessions of an hour and I had the opportunity to do a workshop in individual. This work has opened my eyes and helped me to rebound by taking things in a new way. She gave me new tools that allow me to relativize what happens to me and change my ways.
    As old habits are persistent, I intend to attend other sessions as it is with repeat new habits can be anchored. Each time, there is a common basis and new exercises.

    Today I feel better, I know that I can change my situation by making some decisions both in my professional and personal life. I know the support Ewa brings me is precious and I hope that other people can benefit from.


Why is the workshop Free?

My goal is to help as many men & women in Brussels avoid stress and burnout and help them feel alive, relax and more connected. I found that organising Free taster sessions is a great way to do that!
I do also have more advanced learning options which I mention at these workshops, and you may choose to become a student, or you may not. No obligation and no problem at all either way.
There’s no hard sell here, and even if you just come along for the free workshop, soak up all the information you can, and then leave and apply it to your life, that’s great too!

How to deal with stress and jump into your power.


Let’s make it happen & take action now!